Work Requests in Chesterfield

Fence & Deck Depot is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Chesterfield. Learn more about Fence & Deck Depot's recent work requests in Chesterfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Fence & Deck Depot's recent work requests in Chesterfield, MO
Vicinity of Rogue River Drive in Chesterfield
Fencing in backyard. We just have no idea what the cost would be and would like to budget for it even if it's too much to do right now.
Vicinity of Greystone Manor Pkwy in Chesterfield
I would like to schedule a deck inspection so that we can get an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Honey Ridge Court in Chesterfield
Need new deck
Vicinity of Horse Run Ct in Chesterfield
Deck replacement
Vicinity of Oak Stand Ct in Chesterfield
Need an estimate to install aluminum fence. Have to remove a section of existing fence.
Vicinity of Chellington Ct in Chesterfield
Looking at replacing an existing fence and wanting to compare costs for replacing with a similar wooden fence vs a 6' tall black vinyl coated chain link. Would it be possible to get a estimate on (2) options to consider? Thank you
Vicinity of Devonworth Drive in Chesterfield
Need to have some boards replaced on the deck and few other maitenace and resotration on the deck. currently want to get a bid and your recommendation
Vicinity of Walden Pond Ct in Chesterfield
We just moved into a new house in the last year and got a new puppy. Looking to put in a vinyl fence in our backyard.
Vicinity of Wilding Place Drive in Chesterfield
Need wrought iron/aluminum fence for backyard to fence in swim spa & provide closed in space for our puppy. Thanks
Vicinity of Rebecca Lynn Ct in Chesterfield
We would like tear down and rebuild of our deck. Potential for redesign of the deck shape to be more usable for our needs.
Vicinity of Emily Way Court in Chesterfield
I may need my deck repaired or replaced
Vicinity of Sportsmen Hill Dr in Chesterfield
Tear down old retaining wall, rebuild using block - fix fence on top of wall, and extend fence line in other area of the yard.
Vicinity of Kendall Ridge Ct in Chesterfield
We have a deck that is 26' x 10' and would like the floor boards replaced with TimberTech.
Vicinity of Rutland Circle in Chesterfield
We are looking for a 6' wooden fence. Total we will require about 152' of fence. We would like dog eared slats with 2" gap. We are looking at two gates (1) 4' and (1) 5'.
Vicinity of Rutland Circle in Chesterfield
We are looking for a 6' wooden fence for our back yard. We will require 2 gates, (1) 4' and (1) 5'. The fence is approximately 152' total. We are looking at "dog ear" style with 2" spacing between slats.
Vicinity of Chesterfield Manor Dr. in Chesterfield
Thinking about installing an aluminum fence in our backyard - pewter or bronze color. 4' high, 1 gate. We have a little bit of a slope in the backyard. Thank you,
Vicinity of Westhampton Woods Ct in Chesterfield
Need a fence quote for backyard backing to trees/woods.
Vicinity of Westhampton Woods Ct in Chesterfield
Need a fence quote for backyard backing to trees/woods.
Vicinity of Chalmers Dr in Chesterfield
We have a relatively new privacy fence around an area of trash cans that we (a) need extended, and (b) need the panels replaced as the structure is not good for the location and is not staying in place. We believe the existing posts are in good shape and can be used, but will need to add two more posts to extend and panels. We used your company to install a fence in our backyard a few years ago, and were pleased with the work. I look forward to your response.
Vicinity of Clarkson Woods Dr in Chesterfield
Need a deck design and replacement
Vicinity of Fairwood Forest Ct in Chesterfield
What prompted: Deck lattice needs repair & have a few planks on deck that need replacement. Thanks!
Vicinity of Greenstone in Chesterfield
Moving into house in chesterfield 5/22 and need to close in fence fully on one side and partially on the other. Also possibly redo the deck. Would like to schedule consultation once we are moved in and get a quote
Vicinity of Quail Valley Drive in Chesterfield
Fence to be compliant with our pool. Aluminum or steel with warranty.
Vicinity of Terrimill Terrace in Chesterfield
Replace existing fence with like fence
Vicinity of Silver Buck Lane in Chesterfield
New construction house needs railing for safety reasons as the patio was built 2 feet higher than lower concrete patio. Also, looking into building a deck.
Vicinity of Strawbridge Drive in Chesterfield
Fence across the west end of our lot. Perhaps matching Kevin's but open to other options. Include gate and removable section for storm sewer at corner of lot
Vicinity of Brook Hill Ridge Drive in Chesterfield
Looking to install aluminum fence for perimeter of backyard
Vicinity of Orrville Rd in Chesterfield
300 linear feet of aluminum pool fencing. Black, 4ft tall. (3) 4 ft gates, 1 double gate.
Vicinity of Chesterfield Airport Rd in Chesterfield
Handrails and chain link fence MRS would like to invite you to bid on a Tesla Service Center going in Chesterfield, MO. please send me your email for the project specs. Thank you.
Vicinity of Blue Roan Ct. in Chesterfield
We have two separate fence projects. We have an existing Ultra aluminum fence that encloses a portion of our backyard as well as our pool. We would like to remove this fence and create a better fencing solution specific to the pool. We would then like to create a separate fenced in area (approximately 1/2 acre) specific to our dogs. We are looking for a steel solution preferably. We also understand that to execute this correctly, we might also have to modify the layout of our deck so there may be a third part of this project based on your proposed solution. Thank You, Joel Post
Vicinity of Manor Lake Ct in Chesterfield
Would like to add a small fence and gate to our front courtyard/patio area so our dog has a small area to play in. We also have a deck that is in need of repairs and would like estimates on that as well.
Vicinity of in Chesterfield
We are in search of pricing for possible repair of five dumpster enclosures. We would also like an estimate for full replacement of five. Please call me to discuss further. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lamella Ct in Chesterfield
Back yard fence for dog
Vicinity of Wildwood Meadows Ct in Chesterfield
We are wanting to build a fence around the backyard using either white vinyl or the black aluminum. We are price checking different companies but we are wanting to do it as soon as possible
Vicinity of White Road in Chesterfield
Privacy fence install around part of a new patio
Vicinity of Cayman Court in Chesterfield
Purchase a home that needs fence replaced.
Vicinity of Wilderness Bluff Ct in Chesterfield
Looking to refinish a Pergula
Vicinity of Kehrs Mill Road in Chesterfield
Adding vinyl fencing and need some repairs.
Vicinity of Cedarmill Drive in Chesterfield
Install a metal deck rail that matches our existing fence. The old rail has been removed.
Vicinity of Cepi Dr in Chesterfield
I have a dumpster gate that keeps getting beat up and I would like an estimate on some repair to it.
Vicinity of Country Mill Ct in Chesterfield
Project #1 (would like done asap) Fence in small area of back yard with gate by creek and gate by deck. Project #2 (would just like quote for now and to see what is possible) Update deck, maybe change out just the railing? Possibly screen in section of top of deck or create screened in living area under deck? Not sure, would like to explore the possibilities.
Vicinity of Chesterfield Manor Dr in Chesterfield
Would like a fence in my backyard
Vicinity of Country Lake Estates Dr in Chesterfield
Fence was hit and needs to be replaced in one corner of yard
Vicinity of Claymills Drive in Chesterfield
Cedar fencing - privacy style - 6' - from backyard property line running both sides up to the back of the house .
Vicinity of Wild Horse Creek Road in Chesterfield
Swing gate across my driveway near the house
Vicinity of Broadmont Ct in Chesterfield
Vicinity of Summer Lake Dr in Chesterfield
I want to have my desk restored. Please provide estimate to replace deck boards and rails. I would like to add sliding gate across stair. The under structure looks sound.
Vicinity of Lynn Bay Ct in Chesterfield
Replace handrails and stairs
Vicinity of Templeton Place in Chesterfield
We have a courtyard deck that needs to be repaired or replaced. If it's within your expertise, we also have a wooden, two story playhouse that needs repair work (balcony railing and pillars).
Vicinity of Blue Roan Ct. in Chesterfield
Looking for Aluminum fencing repair/replacement around pool area. Also looking new railings for deck.
Vicinity of Pheasant Hill Court in Chesterfield
Wanting a quote on a backyard deck
Vicinity of Still House Creek Rd in Chesterfield
Need deck replaced
Vicinity of Whiting Lane in Chesterfield
Waterproof under deck
Vicinity of Willow Forest Ct in Chesterfield
Old deck that needs updating
Vicinity of Rose Gate Lane in Chesterfield
Residintial fence. Back yard.
Vicinity of S Greentrails Dr in Chesterfield
Need chainlink fence installed to keep in dogs
Vicinity of Chesterfield Estates Dr in Chesterfield
Need quote
Vicinity of Stallion Hill Court in Chesterfield
Would like to get a quote for a deck
Vicinity of Braefield Dr. in Chesterfield
Currently have a painted wood deck that is 10X19. Considering rebuilding it with 'composite wood'. Current deck has no steps. Want and estimate for this project.
Vicinity of in Chesterfield
Need railing 108wide34 tall
Vicinity of Rutland Circle in Chesterfield
We have a pole up next to our house that is coming loose. May just need to be driven back down in the dirt further. Not sure what it will take to repair.
Vicinity of Wild Horse Creek Road in Chesterfield
We have a front deck/porch that needs repair or replacement and would like to get a quote.
Vicinity of Timberbluff Drive in Chesterfield
Deck needs repairs / renovation
Vicinity of Ladue Rd in Chesterfield
31 by 14
Vicinity of Pine Bend Drive in Chesterfield
I'm interests in either replacing or modifying my existing deck along with an under deck system. I'd like to schedule an appointment at the house to meet with someone to discuss options and recommendation and consider a plan. Thanks Todd Wahl
Vicinity of Olive Blvd in Chesterfield
Looking to have a fence put in our backyard, I'm not even sure what our options are for a fence. So I thought I'd reach out to you, multiple people had good recommendations for your company.
Vicinity of Markham Lane in Chesterfield
Looking to have an aluminum fence installed in our new home. We would like to work be begin on July 19th. 48" height, simple design with one gate.
Vicinity of York Ridge Court in Chesterfield
I need to either replace or repair my existing wood deck. Would like an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Beaver Ridge Ct in Chesterfield
I would like to get an estimate for a vinyl fence for my back yard. I would prefer to be contacted via email, and I am often not able to answer phone calls during the day.
Vicinity of Courtleigh in Chesterfield
Re doing a deck using womanized wood looking for ideas . im a retired senior - vietnam vet
Vicinity of Chalmers Dr in Chesterfield
Looking to get a quote to have an aluminum fence installed in our back yard.
Vicinity of Gatemont Dr in Chesterfield
I am looking to get an estimate for replacing a gate and some cedar fence and adding a small section on a retaining wall.
Vicinity of Summer Ridge Drive in Chesterfield
I would like to get a quote for a black aluminum fence to surround my backyard. Survey is complete and would like to have the project completed by the first week of June. Thanks, Jeff
Vicinity of Baxter Forest Valley Ct. in Chesterfield
Yard is about 1/3 fenced already, and we want to close it in behind the woods, but would like suggestions too on how to close it and gate it with a retaining wall on one side.
Vicinity of Corley Dr in Chesterfield
152 ft of 3-rail vinyl fence to be installed along property line. Looking for a bid for work to be done asap. Thx Blair.
Vicinity of Eatherton Rd in Chesterfield
Would like to know you do privacy gates for driveways? I am looking to put one in. I have a company that I am working with but they are not very responsive and I have been waiting on a proposed gate drawing for weeks while I have given a pretty good starting point of what I am looking for. Have trenching, electric co, and company to build the stone pillars ready to go and just waiting on someone for a gate itself.
Vicinity of Shiloh Valley Dr in Chesterfield
We have a vinyl fence with broken rails and posts. Also a black alluminum fence that has a gate that needs to be adjusted.
Vicinity of Crystal Springs Dr in Chesterfield
We used your company for a vinyl fence now we are considering a composite deck to replace our existing wood deck
Vicinity of Strawbridge Ct in Chesterfield
We have a ~15 year old deck that needs some or all floor boards replaced. I think that one of your representatives came out a while ago, but we have a renewed interest in the project and wonder if it's a project in your wheelhouse. Please let me know if we can set up a visit, thank you!
Vicinity of Wynncrest Manor in Chesterfield
I have an existing deck and would like to replace the railing, staircase, and possibly the deckboards. I would like to discuss the options and get an estimate for the costs and timeline.
Vicinity of Cedar Creek in Chesterfield
Section of fence nocked down and postbroken off
Vicinity of Cedar Grove Ct in Chesterfield
We are in need of an area fenced off for two small dogs so they can go outside without taking them on a leash. Interested in a bid including different fencing materials.
Vicinity of Oak Stand Ct. in Chesterfield
Need a quote for fence. 180 ft. linear ft with 2 gates. 4ft. and 5ft gates.
Vicinity of Kennebec Rd in Chesterfield
I need a fence in my backyard to protect from deer
Vicinity of Pine Bend Drive in Chesterfield
The rail on my deck has broken away from the post. Needs repair.
Vicinity of Cedar Creek Road in Chesterfield
A tree fell on our fence and knocked out a section of our fence. We would like an estimate on how much it would be to repair it.
Vicinity of Savannah Crossing Way in Chesterfield
Looking for vinyl/composite decks with stairs, concrete slab and lighting
Vicinity of Broken Reins Court in Chesterfield
Ihave a large deck that is in the woods and needs some work. Would like estimate on fixing current deck or possible replacement.
Vicinity of Carriage Crossing Lane in Chesterfield
We want to replace one deck and remove another.
Vicinity of River Valley Ct in Chesterfield
Looking for an aluminum 4ft fence to contain a dog. Looking at around 400 linear feet.
Vicinity of Stonegate Manor Ct. in Chesterfield
Had a fence installed 10 years ago for part of our yard. Want to enclose the remainder of the yard and put in a gate by sidewalk.
Vicinity of Manor Lake Dr in Chesterfield
Need outside stair railing
Vicinity of Dinsmoor Dr in Chesterfield
Id like to have a quote to install a 42-48" height Aluminum Fence in my backyard. two 42" door, one 60" door. The fence is about 160 feet liner length
Vicinity of WESTERLY PL in Chesterfield
Would like an estimate for a screenroom.
Vicinity of Wellesley Place Drive in Chesterfield
I would like a privacy fence around a portion of my back patio. I would like the fence to match the subdivision's perimeter fence (6' vinyl with lattice). The fence would be roughly 40' long with one corner. I am also interested in a deck, this will be a separate quote and I will need to discuss with one of your experts.
Vicinity of Richland Dr in Chesterfield
We are in need of a new deck over our walkout. We would like to connect it to another deck we have also.
Vicinity of Sycamore Manor Drive in Chesterfield
Would like decks redone
Vicinity of Shadow Wood Ct in Chesterfield
Deck damage from hail storm & found rotted support &:step boards
Vicinity of SUNBRIDGE DR in Chesterfield
We would like to get a quote for black aluminum fencing for our back yard. We'd want two gates as well. Once gate must be wide enough for larger mower to get through. Thanks!
Vicinity of Windcreek Drive in Chesterfield
I am interested in your 54 In Echelon Conqueror fence to tie into one in my back and side yard. 150 feet with one 4 foot gate. About how much?
Vicinity of Hitchcock Road in Chesterfield
Requesting estimate to replace a wearing deck wtih a composite deck
Vicinity of Eagle Manor Ct in Chesterfield
Looking to replace existing 20x20 deck and steps
Vicinity of Ladue Road in Chesterfield
I would like to recieve an estimate to install 42" high black aluminum fencing 50' along the north side of Ladue Road and 80' along the south side of Ladue Road. A retaining wall will go in prior to the installation of the fence with sonotubes installed by the retaining wall contractor. Labor must be bid including prevailing wage. I would like to meet someone onsite to further discuss this project. Thank you, Chris
Vicinity of Forest Crest Dr in Chesterfield
Want price on vinyl and aluminum fence with 2" spacing as we got a small puppy.
Vicinity of Canyon Forest Ct. in Chesterfield
Looking for 331 ft of 5' high 3 rail fence - heavy gauge aluminum or steel, with 3 4' gates as part of a pool project.