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Platinum Contractors For All Your Composite Decking Needs

Building a new deck is exciting for many homeowners. You get to create an entirely new entertainment space that your family will cherish for years to come.

While the end product is a new outdoor living space you can call your own, getting there requires expertise. At Fence & Deck Depot, we’re a Platinum Contractor that puts decades of decking experience to work for you. We help you design your composite deck, so it accomplishes everything you want it to, all while anticipating any codes and standards hurdles ahead of time.


Benefits of Composite Deck Materials

Composite decks are an excellent fit for Midwestern homes looking to add a new outdoor space. 

These materials are pre-finished, meaning they create the appearance of real wood fibers, but they don’t need staining or painting and require little maintenance. Think of it as an improved, eco-friendly version of a natural wooden deck.

Variety of Style

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of composite deck boards is they come in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles. You can choose from several realistic wood grain patterns, or opt for a solid color that complements your home. 

With such an array of options available, our experts can quickly help you find a solution to match your landscaping and budget.

Low-Maintenance & Durable

Composite decking boards come in a variety of styles that can look like and mimic wood. However, unlike wood decking, Composite won’t warp, splinter, rot, split, or blister.

Similar to vinyl decking, a new composite deck requires little maintenance. You will need to give it a good wash now and then to avoid too much mildew build up over time, but that’s about it. After your Fence and Deck professional installs your new deck design, you can rest assured it won’t require too much upkeep.

You’ll find composite boards to be solid, strong material that will feel sturdy and secure.

Reliable Manufacturing 

We trust the manufacturers we do business with because they’ve provided quality decking boards to us and our clients time and again. We offer Timbertech decking materials and are a certified Platinum Dealer with Timbertech – meaning we are well-trained on the products and installation of these materials.

Timbertech, and our other suppliers, offer best-in-industry manufacturer warranties ranging from 25-years, 30-years and even 50-years. You can be sure you’ll get a quality deck installed and warranted for years to come.


Helping You Get The Right Deck

Our company is different than other decking contractors because we help guide you at every single turn during this journey. When you work alongside a Fence and Deck professional, they help you determine the best decking products for your home and your unique needs. Whether that is a new composite deck, vinyl deck, or wood deck depends on your budget, family, and preference.

In addition to providing the best expertise and labor in the Greater St. Louis area, we supply all the necessary decking materials needed for a comprehensive project. That includes everything from the deck railing to balusters, fasteners, and joists.

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