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The Perfect Fence For Your Business 

Fences are versatile in their applications. They can protect your property and assets from unwanted intruders, ensure a safe environment for your employees, or just add a classic look to your commercial real estate. 

Whatever the reason you want a new fence, our professionals are the right fit for the job. We’ve installed a wide range of fencing styles across the Greater St. Louis region. We’ll use our experience to help you get a new fence that solves everything you need it to while fitting into your budget and home’s overall design.

Here are a few of the most common fencing systems we see:

Security Fencing

Fence & Deck Depot specializes in the installation of security fences that provide the level of security you need while boasting an attractive design.

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Commercial Gates

If you need a solution for high speed, frequent access, we can install a barrier gate operator and access control system to provide security while maintaining normal traffic flow.

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Parking Lot Barrier

A parking lot fence or barrier gate greatly enhances the security of your property by helping you stay on top of traffic control.

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Dumpster Enclosure

Having an unsightly dumpster in the parking lot isn't very appealing. A new enclosure will definitively separate a dumpster from the rest of your operations - giving it its own space out of the public eye.

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 Professional Fence Installers You Can Trust

No matter the fencing system you want to install, you can count on our professionals to deliver a perfect end-product. 

Contact us today for a free consultation – we’ll help you determine the best gate system that fits your needs and budget. 

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