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Expert Treated Wood Deck Contractors

When you are considering the thousands of variables that go into a deck project, it can get overwhelming. At Fence & Deck Depot, we help guide you through this exciting home improvement project so you wind up with a new decking system your home and family cherish for years to come.  

Our team will help answer any questions you have about materials and styles, all while designing a new decking system that matches your home (and budget). 

For some homeowners, Treated Wood decking boards are the most appealing product. Pressure-treated wood is Southern Yellow Pine that has been chemically altered so it is more resistant to rot and insect damage. 

This is the most common type of wood deck because it is both affordable and effective.


Why Treated Wood Might Be Perfect For Your Home 

There are two main reasons homeowners turn to Treated Wood for their new deck


Treated wood decks – compared to cedar wood or synthetics such as composites – are quite affordable. The materials are available in abundance and they are relatively simple to install, saving money on labor costs. They are a very effective way to build a new decking system without breaking the bank.

Rot Resistant

The chemicals that these boards are “treated” with give them a coat of armor against the outside world. This helps prevent rotting while also acting as an insecticide, preventing insect damage for years. That said, these will require regular maintenance to keep in ship shape. That usually involves sanding somewhat regularly and restaining the wood about once per year. 

Explore Your Decking Options with Us

Our team has all the capabilities for an exceptional and professional wood deck installation. Our representatives will help you pick out a style that matches your home and material that solves your needs and budget. 

After you sign off on the project, our expert deck installers put their years of experience to work for you, and no job is complete until you are 100% satisfied.

We’ll also supply all the necessary materials needed throughout the process, including joists, balusters, fasteners, and more.

Above all, our team wants to help you create a new outdoor space you love and cherish for years to come.

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