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St. Louis’ Deck Design Experts

You’ve decided that your home needs a deck, next is the challenging part – deciding on the perfect deck design!

Fence & Deck Depot has years of experience designing and building every type of deck you can imagine. We use that experience to help you create the perfect deck for your outdoor space.

If you’re interested in a backyard deck or outdoor deck, get in touch today. We’ll put together a free estimate for your home’s new deck, tailored specifically to your home’s unique needs.

Deck Design Process

Some homeowners know the type of deck they want right off the bat, while others still have questions about sizing and materials. No matter where you’re at in the process, we’re more than happy to help you develop your vision.

When you call Fence & Deck Depot, our project advisers work with you to make your new outdoor living space a dream. This free consultation gives us a chance to listen to what’s important to you, answer any questions you might have, and explore what it will take to bring your vision to life.

Once we have developed a good sense of what you’re looking for, our deck designers draft blueprints and designs. We check in with you every step of the way to ensure your new deck solves everything you’re looking for.

And after the deck plans are finished, we have the materials and capabilities to implement any design – no matter if you have a large or small backyard.

Considerations For Every Deck

Every decking project is different. Still, our approach considers fundamental factors that make the design process more comprehensive to address all of your needs – even those you didn’t know you had.

Deck Size

This may seem obvious, but it's an important first step. Small deck or large deck? Single- or multi-level deck? Do you want your deck to run the length of your home? How high off the ground does it need to be? What are the zoning standards we need to account for? Factors like these help determine materials and costs.


There are many ways to get onto your deck to enjoy it - staircases, wraparound stairs, doors, and ramps all come to mind. The more space your deck takes up, the more likely you’ll need multiple access points.

Landscaping Features

A great deck is one that is part of your overall backyard design, so existing and new landscaping features are important. Your deck should seamlessly blend and fit around outdoor areas like gardens, ponds, and other landscaping features. Additionally, spaces for a grill, outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area, fire pit, hot tub, or other additions are important to account for early on.

Pool Decks

We can help you ensure your pool deck looks great while meeting all the necessary requirements. Depending on your local deck building code, you will need deck railings of a certain height and gates that lock.


Decks can be made out of different materials including composite, PVC, vinyl, and wood. Each have varying benefits and costs associated with them. Whether you’re looking for composite decks or wood deck, we will help you determine the low-maintenance option that’s right for your home and supply all the construction materials needed to complete your custom deck project.

Code Standards

Codes, requirements, and standards vary from city and county for residential decks - so it is important you work with a contractor who deeply understands code standards across your area. At Fence & Deck Depot, we’re well versed in the code standards needed for your new deck - no matter what part of town you live in.

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