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Expert Picture Frame Deck Contractors

On a traditional deck, the decking boards all run in one direction perpendicular to the underlying joist. This method leaves cut ends of the deck boards exposed. A standard solution for this is to add a decorative fascia board to the outside, which covers up the cut ends, but there is still room for style and functionality improvement. 

Enter the picture frame deck

This method for finishing the rim of a decking system has surged in popularity over recent years. It requires installing a border deck board around the outside of the deck that “frames” the rest of the panels. This effectively covers up the exposed cut off ends while adding a sense of structure to your design. 

The most effective picture frame systems are done with composite decking materials. With your composite deck, you have tons of flexibility and options for a breathtaking picture frame design. 

Picture framing isn’t the most complicated task for an experienced deck builder like Fence & Deck Depot, but it does require some anticipation and foresight. If you’re weighing the options for your own decking space and want to talk to an expert, give us a call today for a friendly discussion!


What Makes Picture Frame Decks a Great Choice 

Adding a picture frame to your deck comes with numerous advantages, including:


While the priority is to cover up an unseemly exterior with smoother boards, a picture frame finish adds a unique look. These installations instill a little more intention into your design, allowing you to get more creative in how you want to showcase the rim of the deck.

They can highlight areas of interest, such as a fire pit or define places that exist for a specific use. Think of sections like seating areas, grilling spaces, and outdoor kitchens.  


Perimeter picture-frame boards crossover the outside rim joist and any decorative fascia board. These boards span the thickness of the rim joist, which protects them from gathering unwanted debris or exposure to the elements. Instead, debris will simply wash away over the edge of the deck and through existing gaps between deck boards.

Explore Your Decking Options with Us

Our team has all the capabilities for an exceptional and professional picture frame deck installation. Our representatives will help you pick out a style that matches your home and material that solves your needs and budget. 

We’ll also supply all the necessary materials needed for your project, including joists, balusters, fasteners and more. 

Above all, our team wants to help you create a new outdoor space you love and cherish for years to come. 

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